Pre-Seed Funding for Ugandan founders and People Of Colour. We fund and mentor founders so they can go on to raise seed rounds and build great companies

Pre-Seed Funding

Startup capital to develop prototypes, sales material and get out of the building customer aquisiton strategies

Product/Service Design

Our product teams will help guide founders create the MVP and test it with potential clients whilst learning from the competition by doing deep market research

Business Model Design

We help founders find creative and sustainable ways to generate revenue from their ideas, products or services… no matter the idea

Office Space

Free office space for founders and nonprofits in a space filled with like minded people. A great workspace for founders who need it most so they can focus on getting business done.


We help founders bring their ideas to market and map out clear step by step instructions on how to aquire first customers that pay

Office Hours

18:00 – 02:00 | Sessions for founders of startups and nonprofits to solve challenges they are facing. Our sessions are ran in collaboration with professionals and other leading investors and non-profits

Think Build Start Go - Make Stuff The World Wants

Pre-Seed Funding to help Ugandan founders and PoC get the tools and knowledge to raise seed funding from VCs to make their startups grow fast.

We really want to help ugandan and PoC startups really take off

Our goal is to get founders in to better shape, better shape translates into better product with more users, more sales and more options to raise money.

Pre-Seed Funding

Funding to get your MVP our the door

Business Model

Viable option to make money from idea or service

Sales Coaching

Step-by-step guid how to get out of the building and win paying clients

Pitch Prep

Presentation preparation along with skills of how to win hearts and minds

Our Services

Products, resources and programs for every stage of your startup journey. Wether you're just starting out or your validating your MVP, we are here to help you go fast

Pre-Seed Funding

Funding to help founders of startups and non-profits validate their ideas. The funding can be used on any task to help make the business idea ready, then go on to raise a seed round.

Business Model Sessions

one-on-one sessions with founders of startups and non-profits to idetify viable ways to generate income to support the business idea moving forward.

Product/Service Design

Early stage planning to prototyping, production, packaging and promotion to come up with products and services that sell. Everything from industry and compeitor analysis.

Marketing & Branding Roadmap

We help founders come up with material used to promote their products and services like Logo’s, Websites, Brochures, Social Media Content and a strong sales message.

Sales & Presentation Coaching

Live sales coaching for founders who are looking to get their first customers. We then provide presentation training and pitch practice so that our founders can close more deals.

Mentoring & Career Guidance

We belive even the best founders increase their chances by drawing on knowledge of others. Our 500 strong mentors covers key fucntions like Product, Branding, Marketing, Biz Dev, Tech, Legal, HR, Finance, Crowdfunding and so much more.

Mentroing and advice for Ugandan and PoC founders on how to get their projects started.

All the tools to help founders of startups and non-profits bring their dreams to life. We help founders put in the smarts and the hardwork to bring their projects to life.

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